Not just an education, an experience.

The Nevada School of Inquiry is a nonprofit private middle school serving students grades 6-8.

The mission of The Nevada School of Inquiry (NVSI) is to cultivate the next generation of well-rounded, confident problem solvers by providing the highest quality of learning experiences that nurture the whole child. NVSI has, in a sense, brought back the one-room schoolhouse for middle schoolers. NVSI has established a comfortable environment to engage in three years of rigorous authentic learning.  The Directors of NVSI have carefully designed inquiry-based instructional units that connect across all curricular areas.  This provides students opportunities to explore their leadership skills by connecting content to the real-world, to solve real-world problems.


To continue offering students of Las Vegas a quality educational option, we are always looking for community partners who share our vision and would like to help support class trips, supplies, and future school improvements.  Email [email protected] for more information.